Saturday, January 16, 2010

Off Duty XIV

Today, I'm off duty. As I continue with this enterprise, I wonder sometimes if I should, as a matter of course, take weekends off and only post on business days. However, as you'll see in the coming weeks, some weekend dates constitute various anniversaries or occasions I wish to observe on the blog, so were I to take it easy on the weekends, it would be sporadic. Perhaps that would be fine and well and good with other bloggers, but I've not exactly earned the benefit of the doubt with my various and past sabbaticals from blogging. Oh, well. So, whatever the case, at least for the time being, I may just note on a particular weekend day that I'm off duty. As here.

If only to alert you that I still live.

(I note that my last Off Duty post was on February 18, 2008).

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horus kemwer said...

Alas! I have nor hope nor health,
Nor peace within nor calm around,
Nor that content surpassing wealth
The sage in meditation found,
And walked with inward glory crowned-
Nor fame, nor power, nor love, nor leisure.
Others I see whom these surround-
Smiling they live, and call life pleasure;
To me that cup has been dealt in another measure.

~ Percy Bysshe Shelly