Monday, August 27, 2007

Mission Statement

Will this site's mission be accomplished? Of late, when nostalgia has prompted me to Google this band or that television program, I have found little or no information about the subject at hand. This may be because no one is interested in that particular cultural artifact, or it may be that it was forgotten before the Internet became the repository of all knowledge, including the most frivolous. Perhaps I'm just trying to make myself feel cool and cultured by seeking out the most obscure of things.

These days, most events in popular culture are captured on the Internet, and for those that are poorly received, terrible, or sometimes just not adequately promoted, the evidence of them remains long after they are dismissed and forgotten. But what of those pre-Internet things that were poorly received or dismissed before they had the chance to be preserved on the net?

With this site, I will not merely comment upon my favorite songs, shows, and films. If there is little of note on the Internet about my subject, I plan to perform some original research into the matter and discover what I can about it. On some level, this is what I do for a living at the office with respect to far more tedious topics, so I might as well use those skills here, as well. Even if a subject is adequately discussed elsewhere, I may dig a bit deeper and see what else I can learn about the origins of a particular film or song. I'll probably also reference or review some current albums or programs that are being discussed elsewhere.

But the central purpose of this site will be to seek out information on the artifacts of popular culture that I remember that haven't been adequately covered elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a good plan

William Jessie said...

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