Monday, June 21, 2010

Stephen King's "Skeleton Crew" - 25th Anniversary

Twenty five years ago today, on June 21, 1985, Stephen King's collection of short stories, Skeleton Crew, was published. Nearly three years ago, we here at this site did a piece on "The Mist," one of the more famous short stories from this collection. You can read it here.

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Steven said...

"Skeleton Crew" is one of King's best works showing off his mastery of the short story. In the novel form, often his characters feel flat, or unmotivated to the action that befalls them / they get themselves into.

In the short form, where the punch, provided it is sufficiently compelling, is more important than character exposition is key, King is in his element. King's also charming mordant sense of humor is also an essential piece of his story formulation. I've never forgotten the closing line of "Survivor Type" for this reason:

"Lady fingers, they taste just like lady fingers"

While "Different Seasons" sees King take this same skill and apply it in a more literary milieu, it also shows his deftness in the novella form.

Good stuff.