Sunday, April 25, 2010

Welcome Back, The League, er, Signal Watch.

If you frequent this site, or have read it much since its unofficial relaunch late last year, you know I've spoken occasionally of Ryan S., who I always make certain to describe as the author of the now defunct pop culture blog, The League of Melbotis. That blog folded in 2009 after a six and a half year run, though its author, Ryan S., always hinted that he might triumphantly return to the blogosphere at some unspecified future date. (During his absence, he did a guest post at this site this past March.). No Godot, he has returned, and shall make us wait no longer. I encourage you to visit his new site, The Signal Watch, the logo of which is depicted above. His first formal post, published just two days ago, can be found here. Whatever the case, welcome back to the blogosphere, Ryan S. We here at Chronological Snobbery are looking forward to your upcoming posts about comic books, Krypton, and popular culture. Here's the best "Welcome Back" themed cover book cover we could locate for this festive occasion:


The League said...

I can imagine no greater welcome than one enhanced with the power of Gabe Kaplan. Thanks!

Ransom said...

You're quite welcome.

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