Friday, February 5, 2010

The Week That Was (1/30 - 2/5)

Below, you'll find some links from The Week That Was:

Progressive Ruin tells the tale of Parade Hater Horace, surely the best comic book villain of all time (though I am surprised that he was not later taken out by Scourge). Who would win in a fight between Horace and Darkseid? (1/31)

2. I don't think this text was sent by Clark Kent or his alter ego. At least, I hope not. (1/31).

3. Television critic Alan Sepinwall observes that this week marked the seventeenth anniversary of the debut of the superb NBC television series, "Homicide: Life on the Street." On January 31, 1993, the pilot episode aired following that year's Super Bowl, and it would become one of the finest cop shows of the 1990s. I can remember that in those halcyon days, my Friday night out could not begin until I had consumed a glass of bourbon and watched this show, which aired at 9:00 p.m. Unfortunately, the show also persevered too long; as the years went by, its quality slipped. But if you've not seen the first few seasons of this series, you'd best add it to your Netflix queue immediately. (1/31).

4. Steanso, over at the aptly named The Adventures of Steanso blog, offers his thoughts on the first episode of the final season of "Lost." (2/4).

5. The Action Figure of the Day blog profiles the Hoth Ice Planet Adventure Set, a toy that I completely forgot that I once owned. I also had the very similar Land of the Jawas Action Playset, but I was too young to appreciate how the toy company tricked me (and/or my parents) into buying both of them, despite the fact that they are essentially the same set. (2/2).

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