Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day?

Main Entry: Saint Val·en·tine's Day
Pronunciation: -'va-l&n-"tInz-
Function: noun
Etymology: Saint Valentine died ab 270 Italian priest
Date: 14th century
1 : February 14 observed in honor of Saint Valentine and as a time for sending valentines
2 : American holiday during which large corporations, sellers of greeting cards, chocolatiers, and florists conspire to impose extraneous obligations upon individuals in romantic relationships and heighten the despair and loneliness of individuals who are not in such relationships
3 : EVIL

ANTI-VALENTINE'S DAY SCREED: I realize that this most corporate of holidays isn't until tomorrow, but I express my disdain and dissatisfaction on the record officially today (which is probably the day most lovey dovey couples will be celebrating it, anyway.). Alas.

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