Monday, February 8, 2010

Other Sound Virus Acts

Back in October 2007, this blog chronicled the rise and fall of Houston's Sound Virus record label and its 1992 attempt at a Houston grunge compilation, Infected: The Twelve from Texas. Subsequent investigation uncovered the flier above, hawking additional releases from the label:
"Psycho Derelict Cowpunk" - Beefmasters
"Burly Pig Rock in Your Face" - Spunk
"Songs to Whitewash Your Brain" - Bleachbath
"Rocks Harder Than Your Kidney Stones" - Dixie Waste
"Ain't It Fun" - Humungus with Cheetah Chrome
The advertisement also heralds the imminent arrival of new recordings by Brutal Juice, Baboon, and Taste of Garlic. Incidentally, if you're interested, dear readers,, of all places, has several used copies of the Infected compilation available for purchase here. Who knew?


Richie Rich said...

I have 100 copies of these! Brand new. if you need one

Anonymous said...

The beefmasters rocked- the end.

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