Saturday, July 3, 2010

25 Years Ago Today: Back to the Future (July 3, 1985)

It was 25 years ago that the film, Back to the Future, was released. A mythology was born (although the film would be diluted by two unnecessary sequels). To be certain, there will be much discussion on the Internets today regarding this film's place in the public memory and the hearts of the children of the eighties. But for a film, this one seemed to have particular influence. More children requested and received skateboards and guitars for Christmas in 1985 as a result of the film's release and popularity. One wonders how many children developed an interest in science as a result of the portrayal of a scientist-protagonist and the physics of time travel. Very few adolescent boys in 1985 failed to develop a crush on Lea Thompson. Sitting here today, I'm not sure I have a specific memory in my mind of seeing Back to the Future in the theatre, although I know for certain that I did (and shortly thereafter, I trekked to the local Sound Warehouse to by a cassette of the film's soundtrack). Looking back, the film remains what it was then: a clever and fun big budget Hollywood movie, something we see fewer of each year.

Happy birthday, BTTF.

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