Sunday, December 27, 2009

Nostalgia for My Bloody Valentine

The far better nostalgia blog Slicing Up Eyeballs has written about the coming reissues of My Bloody Valentine's albums from days of yore. (That's right, shoegazing fans, you'll have to shell out your hard earned cash yet again in January to obtain these newly remastered versions of records you've probably bought at least twice by now. Maybe even once on cassette.). As I begin the enterprise of this blog anew, I think to myself, my goodness, if only I could have seen the MBV reunion shows back in 2008. That would have been something, no?


The League said...

Once on cassette, twice on CD. But I'm buying "Loveless" again, anyway.

Ransom said...

I've only had to buy "Loveless" twice, once on CD, then once on vinyl, although I bought the vinyl copy to frame and hang on the wall.