Friday, October 26, 2007

The Week That Was (10/21 - 10/26)

Nanostalgia? "Whether we've been doing the same things for ten years, or whether we occasionally manage to pull it together and catch a glimpse of good days, I don't know. The days in Austin have been good again. We talked over that while we were eating at Chuy's this evening with Jason. It's been a strange 15 months or so. Lots of good days and bad, as I guess it goes, life is evening itself out. 24 months ago, going to Chuy's for an early dinner was something we would have talked about wishing we could do." - The League, "Return of Robb," The League of Melbotis, 10/21/07. Truly, then, as they say, the past is prologue. To find one's self in a familiar setting, a former home, once again, after the passage of years, is a relief at the end of a long journey. The challenge: to balance the savoring and revisiting of old memories with the creation of new ones. I myself tend to err on the side of the former. Oh, well.

No Friday Night Lights Here: "Sport as an activity of the masses is not just a modern phenomenon, it’s a phenomenon of modernism. The idea that exercise can produce a new kind of man, can act as a balance to our everyday activities, can change who we are, that’s all very modernist. It is driven by the idea that it is possible to reinvent man, it is possible because of the rediscovery of the body after it had been hostage to Christianity for centuries. Unsurprisingly, all the ideology-driven movements of the 20th century promoted exercise and used sport as a recruitment tool. The Olympics, reinvented at the dawn of modernity, are only the most prominent example." - Madamechauchat, "Sports," Atoms to Zeppelins, (10/23/07). Something tells me Madame Chauchat won't be watching NBC's "Friday Night Lights" tonight or the Texas/Nebraska game tomorrow (although, certainly, Texas's offense could benefit from a bit of modernism, now couldn't it?).

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